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Hi Ilona, James,

We just wanted to write a few words to thank you for the service rendered preceding to and in occasion of our party on the 28th of October.

Considering the short timeframe we had to prepare for this event, you still came back to us with a good range of options as to venues and menus for which we could opt. Another big positive was your fast response time whenever we needed to communicate with you, whether via telephone or via mail. Moreover, the flexibility you have shown in accommodating our evolving requests based on our own specific circumstances was also very much appreciated.

In simple words, at the beginning of October we were on the lookout for an efficient entity to help us expedite a proper organisation of this event. Now that everything is over, we can confirm how pleasantly surprised we have been about the level of assistance we were offered, also when one considers that we had only come across Event Planner Co Ltd by chance over the internet!

Thanks again and we look forward to collaborating with you again for other events in the near future!

Best Regards,

Jonathan Galea | RS2 Events Committee

+356 2134 5857 ext. 185 |