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Winter Wondering: Team-Building Events To Inspire Your Team Ahead Of the New Year

Think of the sporting teams that have dominated their respective disciplines. One factor defining their success stands out; the team spirit that binds the squads together. This translates almost equally in the working world, where hiring qualified employees is not enough to guarantee success. There is a need to bring in the right people who fit in with the company culture. The best way of fostering togetherness is through team-building events.

So, what direct implications might team-building events have on your team? And what kind of events should you bear in mind as 2022 draws to a close and 2023 beckons? Read on to find out!

Why these events are important

One of the first things team-building events create among colleagues is trust. The events are designed so that communication and trust are needed to truly make the most of their time together. That’s why so many of these affairs include games, competitions, quizzes and the like.

It’s an occasion to learn more about the team and what makes them tick while allowing them to let their hair down somewhat. It’s also important to know if there’s a common element that your team likes before planning any activity. You want them to be receptive to the idea, especially if attendance is mandatory. If you’ve hired the right people to fit your company culture, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, though.

Ideal Winter Options

There are many ideas to consider, although current weather constraints might help you better file through the options. Here at MYeventplanner, we’re primed to cater to any scale of team-building activity, whether for ten employees or over 300; we’ve done it all! And no matter where your day is taking place, we’ll make sure to supply you and your team with the food and drink necessary to fuel your endeavours throughout!

Your activity can be as action-packed as you like. We offer laser tag and a day at the gun range for pistol firing, pottery, soap and the recently added leather-making in equal measure. If your team is more culinary and drinks inclined, our Farmer’s Lunch Experience is undoubtedly worth considering. We also help plan cooking sessions where the team will learn about and try their hand at some local traditional recipes, including the art of pastizzi making.

On the drinks side of the equation, we offer wine and beer-tasting sessions, a whiskey masterclass and even cocktail-making sessions. However, if these don’t appeal to you or your team, recipes that are always a crowd’s favourites are our themed quizzes and bingo sessions. They draw out competitive streaks in a good-natured way and are always great fun too.

Planning for Spring/Summer 2023

The events mentioned above are ideal for the colder and wetter winter months. However, consider some of them for next year’s spring/summer! There’s plenty more we can offer, too, including zorb football, boat parties, treasure hunts (including jeep treasure hunts), horse riding and outdoor adventure packages that include abseiling, ziplining and rock climbing.

There’s an endless list of possibilities, and it’s never too early to start planning a day out for you and the team. It’s a perfect opportunity to build and strengthen bonds as everyone gets to know each other better. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the options mentioned here or if you’ve got something else in mind that you’d like to put together.

Planning Your 2023 Christmas Party Now Is The Best Gift To Give Yourself

The best thing about planning a Christmas party is that it’s never too early to start. Also, if you’re fresh from planning and booking this year’s edition, you will have learned a lot about what your guests like (or don’t), and pretty soon, you’ll know what could be done better for next year.

Make it unique

Themed Christmas parties are all the buzz right now and will be for the foreseeable future too. It allows people to dress up (or dress down) for the occasion and release some of the shackles attributed to the not-so-inspiring option of simply having drinks at the office. We’re not saying that’s a bad idea, but if you want to make your 2023 Christmas party the one to remember, finding a unique venue and theming it up is certainly what you’d like to do!

There’s an endless list of options to consider when looking at what one can do to set the tone at the venue; wall and floor projections, lighting, live entertainment, merchandise and dress codes are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why we encourage you to get in touch and discuss the potential options we can draw up just for you.

Pick your theme

When it comes to Christmas parties, from our list of themes, there are some that we recommend.

  • Our Winter Wonderland theme comes complete with snow, Christmas trees, candles, fairy lights and snow. Guests are also challenged to attend with their ugliest Christmas sweaters to win a special prize!
  • Ever-popular and timeless is our Magical Christmas theme. With Disneyland vibes all around, you can dance the night away to the best Disney songs and relax by the themed cocktail bar to the backdrop of a world of stars, snow and Christmas cheer.
  • If it’s one wild night you’re looking for, then our Eskimo Party is what you ought to be looking at! Captivating music, intense dancing and ice-cold drinks are what this theme is all about, and we ensure total immersion with coloured smoke, snow and ice for an unforgettable experience.
  • A similar theme is the Welcome To The North theme. Ditch the coats and winter hats, replace them with drinks and beats to beat the icy chill of this Lappish motif and make sure you’re wearing your best green outfit to reflect the Northern Lights as you dance the night away.

There’s plenty more to choose from, though, with other notable options including our Enchanted Forest, Hollywood Nights, Masquerade Balls and Black & Gold themed events.

Got something else in mind?

If you’ve looked through our list and liked what you saw but are not entirely sold on one idea, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss other options. We’ve got contacts for catering and venues like no one else on the island, so turning your dream Christmas event into a reality in 2023 is a challenge we’d only be too happy to undertake!

The Key Elements Of Planning A Perfect Christmas Event

With Christmas right around the bend and Mariah Carey almost fully defrosted by now, it’s certainly time you nail down plans for your Christmas staff event. Of course, it’s always worth treating your team to a special occasion and rewarding them for their efforts throughout the year. The only issue is deciding what kind of event it will be.

No need for you to worry and lose yourself in endless planning and research for the best Christmas party for you and all your staff to enjoy, and that’s one thing you should not forget – that this moment is for you to enjoy as much as everyone else. We’ll make sure that you do!

The decisions you’ll have to take

You need to decide first whether the event will be a proper party or a more formal dinner. Once that’s been decided, you can select a venue accordingly because as much as you’ll have an idea, the location will determine what kind of event is most suitably hosted there. Also, keep in mind whether you’d like a scenic view with an outdoor space if needed or if you’d rather keep things nice and cosy indoors.

The date and time will also make a difference; will it be a lunch or dinner event? Will it be seated or standing? And will it be a formal dinner or a proper Christmas party where everyone gets a chance to loosen up a little? Of course, you could always opt for a formal dinner with the fun to ensue after that…

How we can help

So, what does Myeventplanner bring to the table? Simple; we’re industry experts with decades of experience organising events of all kinds. We’ve got an extensive list of venues and work with various suppliers who guarantee top quality at unbeatable prices, especially for that level of service.

We’re also comfortable working across different budgets. So, whether you’re going all-out for a once-in-a-working-lifetime event or something more understated, we’re ready at hand to discuss the best options available to you and how to make the most of each one. But ultimately, the decision is yours, and we’ll work to the best of our abilities to execute the vision you have in your mind and ensure that this year’s Christmas staff event is your best one yet!

Get in touch

Got a moment? Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to start fleshing out the ideas you’ve got for Christmas 2022 (or even 2023 if you’re so inclined); tell us your budget, and we’ll get cracking! We also specialise in last-minute events, whether for Christmas or otherwise, so should the need arise, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How Client Networking Events Can Inspire & Re-Ignite Your Business

Though we might be living in the digital age, and connecting with others virtually is easier than ever, one thing is certain; nothing beats human interaction on a face-to-face basis. We’re social beings by nature, whether in a business or leisure setting, and networking events combine these two settings perfectly. Major deals are struck, potential new clients meet, and new ideas are sparked.

And with SiGMA right around the bend, now would be the perfect time to plan your next client networking event and secure that precious business…

Meet & re-meet your clients

Your business is only as good as your clients. And if you don’t know them outside of office hours, do you truly know them? This is why networking events almost always work. While it’s perfectly fine to talk business, there’s a more casual air to the scene, which means people are far more relaxed and possibly open to new ideas.

Another thing about people is their propensity and ability to change. The stingy client that always stuck to tried and tested methods might have unearthed a new possibility, and a networking event is the perfect setting to start discussions and set meetings.

It’s also a space for meeting new people and inspiring new collaborations. Standing still usually means getting left behind, so settling only for the clients you have right now means losing out on tomorrow’s business. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that one of your existing clients at a networking event tells you, “You know, I’ve got a friend interested in…”

You can guess how the rest of that conversation goes.

Be brand aware

The essence of a networking event is to physically show you care and not just state it in words. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for a branding exercise for you and maybe some select clients. Organising and executing such an event calls for various communication styles, from printed material and social media to calls and e-mails. At the event itself, make sure that there are at least subtle reminders of who’s behind the event.

Use it as an opportunity to show people what you’re all about. It’s about engaging existing customers, awakening dormant ones and finding potential business from likely and unlikely sources. All of this while building your brand recognition. What’s not to like?

If done right, and we can most certainly help with that, the waves you’ll make in your industry through word of mouth could go a long way towards attracting new business beyond what you anticipated.

Get in touch!

Such events are also great for getting the jump on your competitors. So what better way to find out what’s hot in your market than over drinks and canapés with business partners and friends?If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to help organise the best possible networking event, and make sure to read our insights on how to get leads from your business event!

How We Can Help You Plan A Successful Last-Minute Event!

Have you ever been caught in the swirling chaos of an event that either pops up unannounced or slipped your mind? As you scramble to put things together, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and completely understandable. However, we’re well-placed to place ourselves into the equation that will transform the negativity into an event that’s as successful as it can be. Here’s what sets us apart and why you should turn to us in your hour of need.

Experience breeds focus

This isn’t our first rodeo across the last-minute panic fields. Our experience creating and hosting events of various scales and time frames for multiple clients means we know exactly which issues need addressing first. Our priority is to handle the more critical elements of the event, leaving you free to deal with the other matters that require your immediate attention.

Having that peace of mind is paramount to the eventual success of the event, so trust us to help you rise above the tension of the situation.

Venue is never an issue

We’ve got an endless list of venues to choose from, so we’re more than likely to find you the best location possible in light of time frames and other restrictions. Just tell us the details of what kind of event you want to put together, and we can immediately guide you to the locations that make sense. Budget constraints, venue size and guest numbers are all parameters that will help us filter locations quickly and immediately take another burden off your shoulders.

Event packages to soothe the nerves

Nervous about having to scan through locations and what food and beverage options they offer? Our event packages will easily soothe those nerves! Different venues offer various package options, whether it’s a buffet you’re after, an open bar with finger food, a tea party or a barbecue with free-flowing wine and beer. You can check out the list here, but if you’re looking for something more tailor-made, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Always be realistic

One thing we always promise to be is honest. While rockstars like us, more often than not, can deliver beyond expectations, what we can’t do is provide more hours in a day. So be realistic about what can and can’t be done, and we’ll always suggest alternatives if an item or service is unattainable.

Have you got an event coming up and looking for tranquillity? We’ll happily provide the service you need to reach that state of mind so you can focus on what truly needs your attention, and let us experts handle the matters we excel at.