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Outdoor Summer Events Essentials: What You Need To Know

The difference between a good summer event and a great one is a little line in the sand called “detail”. How much are you willing to look at the big and little picture to ensure that everything from location to décor is spot on and ties in perfectly with the theme you’ve set out? Here are some tips from our experts that you should follow to ensure your next summer event shines bright!

Find the right balance

You’ve got to find a balance between the type of event you’re looking to host, its purpose and the event’s attendees. By figuring that out, you’ll then be able to create a list of potential venues, decorations and all the logistics that go into event planning. So, once you’ve nailed down if it’s going to be a birthday party, anniversary, networking event or just a BBQ with friends, you can sort out who your guests will be and the entertainment to tie it all together.

If it’s going to be an outdoor event, you’ll need to also get the balance right in terms of seating and standing spaces if it’s going to be a finger-food style event, as well as the table location for food and drinks. Will there be an inside or outside bar? The latter can really set the tone in terms of atmosphere, especially if it’s themed. However, if it’s a smaller-scale event, refrigerating food and drinks indoors might be a better idea.

The time of day that you host the event will also, of course, determine whether any lighting is needed. Does your location already provide that, or will you need to source extra? It would be best to consider the possibility that the event will last longer than expected. If everyone’s having a good time, it’s better to have lighting and not need it rather than need it and not have it. Also, If you’ve got a theme going, you could dress the place with fairy or string lights, which always make for a dreamy summer setting!

The finer details

So, now that you’ve balanced the basics mentioned above, it’s time to turn your attention to the finer details that will see your summer event live long in your guests’ memories. Again, there’s a balance that needs to be struck in terms of accessorizing but ensuring that the items used are either useful or genuinely do add to the atmosphere and aren’t there just for show.

There are plenty of examples of useful accessories. Carafes or large drink dispensers filled with summer-style cocktails and slushes (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) served in mason jars instead of cups are a major summer hit. In addition, you can place ice buckets around the event area and fill them with beer bottles, soda cans, and water. The latter is as important as anything else included in this piece, as you certainly want your guests to remain hydrated and healthy for the duration of the event.

Before the event, identify where the shade will be throughout the day and if these points shift as the sun begins to set, and if you’re going to have a large number of guests, set up your sun-sheltered spots with umbrellas, canopies and gazebos as needed. As for seating, make sure that you include portable options so that if a shaded area has moved, guests can quickly move along with it!

If you’re hosting an event with an outdoor kitchen or cooking area, keep guests well away from it. Primarily, it gives you or the cook more space to operate without the risk of bumping into someone. Furthermore, it keeps guests away from a heat source during an already hot season.

And since we’re on the topic of food, make sure to serve in style and, more importantly, in a well-timed manner. Have your serving platters ready, but there’s no need to bring out the fine china; summer events tend to be much more relaxed than most social gatherings, especially in an outdoor setting. Chopping boards and wooden utensils are pretty popular, and the latter is easily disposed of once the event is through.

Get your summer event planning right

The good thing about summer events is that there’s so much room to manoeuvre in terms of styles, whether it’s a relatively formal celebration or a Moroccan-style blanket and blanket-and-cushions sit-down party. So if you’re thinking of organizing an event but unsure about the possibilities, give Myeventplanner a shout! We’ll happily run you through what we can put together, explore your ideas, and bring your summer dreams to life.

Ride The Wave: Activities That Work Best In Summer

Summer can sometimes dampen the mood for activities, especially if the heat is a tad oppressive. But that’s certainly not the case every day of the season, which is why it’s got the potential of 100 days to plan activities without almost no chance of rain ruining the party! So, what ideas can you get up to that’ll beat the heat?

Bring out the modern classics

There’s something quintessentially summer-esque about barbecues; the smell of charcoal wafting through the air as the food sizzles on the grill while the sun sets…it’s a notion that immediately puts a smile on your face! Of course, doing that by the sea is great, but renting a villa for a day (or more?) means you get increased privacy and more room to add different activities and games throughout the event.

Add a theme for your guests to follow, whether Hawaiian style, tourist dress-ups, 4th of July festivities or your favourite sitcom and have a costume competition for an added twist to the day. There’s also the beach-themed Olympics shenanigans you can get up to, which is always a crowd favourite.

Welcoming the new wave

While the classics mentioned above are unlikely to ever go out of style, there are always fresh ideas that will help divert the summer heat. Escape rooms bring out facets of friends and colleagues in ways we’d never expect, so how about upping the tension slightly by making it a murder mystery? Better yet, set it to a similar backdrop to “Knives Out: A Glass Onion Story”, complete with dress themes and, if possible, props.

You might be telling yourself, “This all sounds great, but how on Earth do I even begin putting it together?” and that’s where Myeventplanner comes in. Our wealth of experience organizing almost every event under the sun means that our repertoire extends beyond what we show in our catalogues. So, if you can dream it, lay out your ideas to us, and we’ll see if we can make them a reality.

Give us a shout!

So, whether you’re looking for a Gozo scavenger hunt in rented jeeps, wine-tasting events at local vineyards, beach or poolside barbecues, or just general summer mayhem via games and drinks, there really isn’t much further you need to look than Myeventplanner. We’ve organized all kinds of events in terms of purpose, too, whether team-building is your goal or you’re just looking to enjoy a day out with friends or colleagues.

Contact a member of our team today to find out how to make the most of your summer event!

Creative Team-Building Activities That Will 100% Inspire Your Crew

Although productivity is something to strive for throughout the year, it’s understandable that there are specific peaks when the whole company seems to find an extra gear to shift into. That usually requires everyone to be in a positive mindset and in sync while on the job. One of the best ways to achieve that is through team-building activities.

Summer tends to be one of the busiest seasons of the year for many Maltese companies. That’s why now’s the perfect time to hold your event, bringing the team together just before the season begins. So naturally, we’ve got a selection of events that’ll inspire your team to reach their goals and more!

Toasting the new season

Sharing a drink with colleagues is one of the go-to ideas for team-building. However, there’s plenty of scope to spice things up. You and the team could experience the art of cocktail making through our Mixology Challenge as you learn about the ingredients used before tasting your creations. Similar to what one of our clients got up to, you could even crown a winner on the day and make it your company’s signature cocktail!

For a quieter event, you could also explore the process of wine and art. Some might consider those two worlds as separate. However, we can bring them together as you learn to reproduce a painting while enjoying a glass of wine. There are few better ways of getting the creative juices flowing. There’s even the opportunity to do this at a local vineyard as the sun sets, painting a lovely picture while sipping the product right at the source.

And should the team not be artistically inclined, it opens up the avenue for a tasting session of wine, whiskey or beer, setting up the perfect opportunity to toast the new season coming up.

The art of being hands-on

The hands-on approach is also known to provoke positivity within the team, especially when it’s artistic, whether the team is adept at it or not – the purpose of the exercise is to have fun!

Whether you engage in a spot of art and crafts to create items to decorate your office with or take on a pottery-making class, there’s plenty of good to come from getting your hands dirty in the name of camaraderie.

For the Artisan Trail, you could even visit some of Malta’s oldest stone quarries and see a live demonstration from the resident artisan, followed by a light lunch and a game of boċċi to add a hint of fun competition.

And if you’re feeling adventurous in the art department, why not try our Movie-Making activity? In four hours, you and your crew will learn the subtlety of screenwriting, storyboarding, and directing before eventually shooting the whole thing. Who knows, it could result in plenty of shenanigans for the company highlights reel at Christmas or a Maltese version of “The Office”. There’s only one way to find out…

The great outdoors

As mentioned earlier, the days are getting longer and warmer, so now’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too hot to bear. Our Adventure Package will take your team to new heights with ziplining, abseiling and rock climbing for all to enjoy.

If it’s a slower day you’re after, then our Country Side Package might be more your speed, with horse riding to begin with and a farmer’s lunch to wrap things up. It’s a fantastic way of experiencing the best Malta’s rural areas offer while gaining insight into the amazing world of agriculture and its abundance of genuine and fresh products.

And speaking of food and local products, the Tasting Package should undoubtedly be on your radar. You must choose between an olive grove visit or a pastizzi-making masterclass to pair with a cheese and wine experience. Either way, you’ll learn more about the tradition of each activity and how it ties in with Malta’s story.

Inspired yet? Give us a call!

Whether the events described above have inspired you for your next team gathering or not, you should give us a call anyway. There’s plenty more on our catalogue, and if there are variations to what we’ve described that you might want to see, we’re open to discussing and helping you achieve your dream day out with your colleagues!

Some Like It Hot: Why Now’s The Perfect Time For An Office Sports Day

While the adage suggests striking while the iron is hot, the same isn’t really recommended when it comes to organising outdoor events in Malta. That’s why between now and May to early June is probably your best bet for taking your office squad for sun-drenched fun before summer sets in, the beaches get packed, and the UV index starts scoring top-tier Eurovision points.

Reward now, benefit later

Rewarding your team with a day out and time to talk about all things non-work related is always a great way of disengaging from the routine and doubling up on office enthusiasm. The Maltese weather at this time of year is synonymous with outdoor activities, as it’s not too hot to sap the energy, but it’s also not too cool that extra effort is needed to break the ice.

What options exist to spice things up in a non-workplace setting for your workforce? While there are plenty of ideas to choose from (check out our catalogue or get in touch to learn more), our favourite recommendation would be the timeless office Sports Day. Of course, it’s up to you how competitive or not you’d like to make it, and there’s also the option to host it at the seaside and add a savoury barbecue on the beach!

To beach or not to beach…

That’s a question not quickly answered, but thankfully we offer both. Our Funky Sports would have participants take on the weird and wonderful side of sports with Fancy Dress Relay Relays, Dizzy Bat, 5-in-1 races, and more. Alternative Sports Day pits participants into matches of inflatable darts and archery, Zorb bowling, football billiard, and sumo challenges.

However, if you’re of the “life’s a beach” opinion and find yourself sifting through the sand at every opportunity (and your team is of a similar mindset, mind you), then our Beach Sports Day package might be the one for you. We assure you it’s even more fun than it already sounds!

Dress participants up in typical summer garbs like flippers, tyers and goggles before setting them off to race one another; find what secrets the sea holds with our underwater scavenger hunt; take part in a good old Tug of War battle while saving enough energy for some food and drinks once the sports side of the equation has been completed.

Now’s the time to get going!

Summer will be upon us in no time, meaning more crowded beaches and outdoor spaces, which is why now’s the perfect time to give us a shout and plan your office’s big day out before the summer heat strikes. There are plenty of activities to choose from, but if there’s something you’ve got in mind that’s not covered by this piece or our catalogue, let us know, and we’ll see if we can do something about it!

The Art Of Booking An Artist for An Event

A common misconception is that booking an artist is a simple case of getting in touch with them or their management and just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. If things were truly as plain sailing as that, then a company like ours might not even be needed! However, there are so many intricacies to this part of event organisation that, once you reach our level of expertise, one might even call it a work of art in itself.

Step 1: Timing

All we’ve got in this world is time, and we know in this industry that this is the best place to start when it comes to artist booking! Right after you’ve figured out the type of artist you’d like to book – a musician (or a group of musicians), fire-jugglers, dancers, or skater hosts – you need to see if they’re actually available on the day of your event. Additionally, if your event is in an outdoor setting, consider a possible change in weather conditions and if any canopies or alternatives are required in case things take a turn for the worse.

Other factors to consider are the equipment they need; will you rent it out and ensure it’s on-site and ready for use once the performers arrive? Or do they include that in their fee at the quotation stage? Always ensure you’re clear in what you’re asking for to avoid any last-minute surprises of the unwanted kind, as these also affect costs, another critical factor in the grand scheme of things.

Step 2: Accommodation & Set-Up

When seeing the word “accommodation”, the first thing that comes to mind is hotel bookings, transfers and transport. While that might be the case sometimes, the term “accommodation” also encapsulates how much you’ll accommodate the performers. For example, will you handle stage set-up, lighting and sound, or is it up to the performer’s team to source that? If it’s in your hands, you’ll want to discuss what they usually use with the artists to ensure the performance is up to standard, for your sake and theirs.

Of course, expect costs to rise when renting certain types of equipment, which is why selecting a venue with quality on-site equipment could help cut costs.

Step 3: It’s All About The Process

Sometimes it might take a bit of negotiation to get the artist you want, and once you’ve settled on fees, dates and times, it’s one thing that’s been checked off your to-do list. However, before embarking on this whole process, it’s also a good idea to keep some options as a backup in case your preferred artist or group of performers are unavailable.

Of course, the alternative to this adventurous approach is to leave it to experts who’ve navigated these treacherous seas countless times before. MYeventplanner’s endeavours have seen us cross countries, meaning our expertise is not solely tied to local shores. And the multitude of events we’ve coordinated ensures that whatever you’ve got in your mind to light up your event might be in our history, so we’ll be well-placed to guide yours accordingly.

Once you get in touch with us and give us some of the details of what you’re planning, we’ll be able to suggest ideal options not just in terms of artists to book but also locations, suppliers for lighting, sound and video as required, and plenty more. So just give our sales team a shout, and we’ll devise a plan that guarantees your event has the best performance possible when it takes place!