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Fantastic Memories that we Cherish, with you.

As the merry began to sing, and carols filled warm the chilly air, we at My Event Planner had long since started celebrating this busy festive season, featuring banquets, parties, masquerade balls, dinners, and private functions. We’ve assured our clients of their festive cheer.

December 1st marked the first of a timeline of great events, as we hosted the first staff event in a beautiful, cozy, and elegant hall for their staff banquet. Decorated with green strobe lights, banners, backdrops, and a perfectly laid out dining hall, it was a wonderful dinner that would leave spectators green with envy.

Shortly after, a corporate client celebrated with a golden winter wonderland, and too many goodies to eat! We’ve filled a hall full of golden bows, flowers, and what else? Snow! The guests tiptoed right across the frosty white halls, to sit down for a buffet dinner of Christmas delights, accompanied by the joyous live music and carols.

Another corporate client partied at the Club Lounge in Sliema with an Oscar-themed late-lunch drinks. Guests walked in via a VIP red-carpet isle to trendy tunes being mixed by the DJ, as a Polaroid photographer snapped away! These VIPs were treated to an afternoon of luxury, champagne, and great style – and décor too!

Many more events came to pass, and along came another cozy, cheerful Christmas event. Under a hundred antique lights, and a gorgeous vintage setting, our clients celebrated their festive season with a fully-stocked and specialised open bar, scrumptious finger food, and some great music. Simple, yet timeless and ever so elegant.

An unforgettable night was planned out for another one of our clients, as they entered a gorgeous and golden hall, to the sweet sound of a saxophonist as they paced round the room decorated with stream lights, and gorgeous red poinsettias. The event enveloped the traditional, with the classic, as well as modern, through the vibrance of the gorgeous red flowers, the wines, tasty finger food, and the soothing sensations played by the saxophonist.

And what more could one wish for Christmas? Hosting the event of dreams, at the Xara Lodge, guests entered the Masquerade Ball to gorgeous red projections and stream lights on the VIP red carpet, as they were offered gorgeous metallic and embellished Venetian masks. Photographers captured the night, as guests entered the golden venue, decorated with chandeliers, lined with more Venetian masks, gold candelabras, candles, and classical mirrors. Not only was the hall at their disposal, but we’ve also set up some comfortable lounge furniture for worn-out party feet outside for guests to sit back under the white marquis by the warmth of the mushroom heaters. Unforgettable, and perfect in every way.

The 10 Must-Haves for Any Successful Event


  1. Motivation:

There must be a reason for why you are doing your event, so find the reason and understand what your crowd will be looking for, especially what kind of event you want to deliver and why you are currently developing your event.

  1. Idea

Now that you know what you are trying to do, you need to shine above the rest. How do you do this? Bouncy castle at a wedding? Upside down cakes hanging? Mermaids? Party in the middle of St Elmo’s? Maybe a masseur in the middle of your venue, to the sound of a live saxophonist. We’ve done this all (and more!) before, and we’ve got you covered for everything.

  1. Knowing your Crowd:

Understand the kind of people you are trying to attract or that you are trying to impress. What is the age of those attending? What do they like? Right now it’s key that reflect upon these questions so as to know who you are catering for.

  1. The Venue:

This is the first real step in making your event legendary, classic, and original; the event that everyone is going to want to organise. It starts from the location, it’s all about the location. We can get you almost any place if you think ahead of time, most places have permits which can be obtained if you know the right people. (That’s us for those who are wondering) Sorting the event location, will then lead you to setting the…

  1. Ambience:

Once a venue is settled, the ambience and venue’s atmosphere should be taken highly into consideration. Whether this is in fairy lights, tiki torches, spotlights or flood lights, lighting in combination with décor are fillers of negative space as well as focal points around a venue, and work towards setting the mood for what you want to achieve at your event. Rest assured, that this is what makes an event Instagram-worthy for your guests!

  1. Catering:

Whether you are getting a Michelin star chef, or organising a good old “Majjalata”, you must make sure that you have enough food and drink to keep everyone happy from the start to finish. From the smallest dishes to the most complicated cocktails, think ahead of time, find the right caterer and the best deal.

  1. Entertainment:

There is nothing else quite like it. From music, to live dancers, to maybe even mermaids; we’ve got it all. Innovation is of recently kicking in with live event entertainment such as Nitrogen Ice-Cream, masseurs at events, fire dancers, or roller hostesses.

  1. Great music:

Music is a drug transferred by physical, or emotional waves, or so they say. What it really does, is sets the scene; the first notes as your guests are coming through the door, till the final beats at the end of the night. Having a good rhythm will set the stage for everything to come together.

  1. Photographer / Videographer

What is the good in planning an event so memorable, if you have nothing tangible to remember it with? Carry your good vibes with you, and make them last longer in physical and digital memories that you can forever cherish.

  1. Event Planner

Talk to us, we we’ll make it happen for you, in no time at all. It’s as simple as that; you tell us what you want, and we will get it done.


Investing in Your Employees

The summer air is all about having fun.

The office is all about production, as well as rate of productivity.

That leaves us in a bit of a tight spot. Although combining both might prove to be beneficial for employees and the company’s alike.

Whilst most companies opt for customer or sales oriented marketing strategies, they in turn fail to realise the that employee oriented marketing strategies are, in actual fact, more successful.

Within a nutshell, this all means that should companies invest in keeping their employees happy, valued, and given the responsibility each employee deserves, the company will strive singlehandedly. This is due to the fact that employees will in turn feel more passionate about their role within the workplace, within the company in general, and will perform statistically 59% better than the average employee. Employees will find themselves going out of their way to put their roles, responsibilities, as well as the entity they work for first – simply speaking, this is work ethic.  Moreover, due to the ingrained happiness found by keeping employees content, the employees themselves would begin to idealize, and further believe in the products and services the firms they work for have to offer. Rest assured, a prospective client would be willing to buy (or at the least try) a new product or service if the employees themselves are noticably happy or convinced with it.

But how does a company invest in its employees, and ensure their work-oriented satisfaction, fulfillment, as well as happiness?

Simple: maintaining the human resource. By organizing events which give employees the simple chance to bond, blow off some steam, or simply let loose, each employee would return to work with a newly acquired positive memory that is associated with colleagues, as well as their work. Therefore, the more opportunity employees are given to cut loose, dissociate themselves as well as their colleagues with a stressful environment, the more thoughts of stress are replaced with positive ones, therefore incubating a happier environment in a place of work, inducing passion within employees, who in turn push the company’s assets.

What better way to invest in employees, than in organizing a corporate social event filled with thrilling live entertainment, a fantastic venue, scrumptious catering, and a handful of memories? Or better still, a day packed with all of that, and some hilarious team-building events for memories that rest assured shall not be forgotten easily?

If you’re the company’s Director, or possibly a Human Resources Manager, fear not, and don’t stress. We’ve got you covered.

Contact us today for more info.

4 Reasons to Plan Events on Weekdays

As Maltese Catholics, we have an annual invasion of about a quarter-million public feasts per annum, leaving us with more vacation days than working days. As exaggerated as that statement may be, the stress these feasts cause, the influx of tourists that they bring, in addition to all the Maltese who pack up their bags and join the folly of tourists tanning and being as loud as ever makes Malta seem far closer to an over-populated anthill rather than an island, let alone a country.

There are therefore a plethora of reasons you should avoid the festivity season, as well as weekends when planning your summer events.

1) Less Crowds: although for a tourist there will be no difference between a weekend and week day, to the Maltese it is a great one. As an overcrowded population of 420,000, not taking into account tourists, the weekend attracts vast crowds to areas of popularity or tourism as well as the Maltese citizens who would have previously been at work. It makes all the more difference when Maltese have their off-days, with beautiful sunny skies, and a bunch of places to go.

2) People are Busy During the Week: Demand creates the opportunity for higher inflated prices. Because demand throughout the weekend exceeds supply, owners are given the most opportune moments to exploit this fact, and therefore in turn, raise their venue prices. To attract more clients throughout the week days, owners therefore keep their services and venues far cheaper in order to fill the gap in demand.

3) Stress Reliever: It offers a change and break in routine, and this in turn affects employees in the best way possible, as a complimentary break creates an opportunity to break away from the stress, relax, and have fun. Moreover, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know the colleagues you’ve never had much time to get to know, or make the new-kid feel welcome.

4) The sun is out – make use of it before it hides away from us Maltese until April! So make hay whilst the sun shines.



15 Facts for the 15th; The Santa Maria Convoy
  1. The mission to bring vital supplies to Malta was code-named Operation Pedestal. The Convoy berthed in Malta’s Grand Harbour on the 15th of August 1942.
  2. A convoy consisted of 14 merchant ships that departed England on the 3rd of August 1942, past the Strait of Gibraltar through the night of the 9th August, and finally to Malta, though only 5 ships made it to the harbour.
  3. The most crucial item being supplied in Operation Pedestal was fuel that was being carried by the American Tanker SS Ohio manned by a British crew.
  4. Over 50 ships had previously attempted to sail to the islands carrying the much needed supplies, though were bombed and sunken by German and Italian forces.
  5. Malta held a significant position of importance throughout the Allied Force’s defense on Libya and Egypt throughout the North African Campaign (1940-1943).
  6. Preventing the delivery of vital supplies from reaching the islands was a tactical move on behalf of the German and Italian forces that would have pushed Malta into surrendering.
  7. The Allied Force’s military planners feared that Malta would be forced into such a position by the end of August had the much-needed supplies did not make it on this attempt.
  8. The heaviest escort force ever was deployed to escort these ships on this mission. This consisted of two battleships, four aircraft carriers, seven cruisers and thirty-two destroyers.
  9. An attack on the 12th of August led to the loss of three merchant ships, a destroyer, and a cruiser. An additional two cruisers were damaged in the crossfires, namely the SS Ohio. Luckily, repairs were successful and the journey continued, although at a lower speed.
  10. The SS Ohio attracted the enemies’ eyes, and was untimely bombed just 45 miles off the Maltese coast. A decision was then made to tow the boat to shore, whilst being sandwiched for support between two destroyers.
  11. 4 merchant ships were sunken in this attack; Wairangi, Almeria Lykes, Santa Eliza, and Glenorchy. SS Ohio was hit and damaged by a torpedo, as well as having a dive bomber crash into it. Brisbane star too was damaged, but waited until nightfall off the coast of Tunisia before heading to the Maltese Islands.
  12. SS Ohio was the last to arrive into Malta on the Feast Our Lady of the Assumption gives the miraculous convoy’s arrival its name, The Santa Maria Convoy.
  13. Operation Pedestal was essentially a tactical disaster when taking the damages and losses into account. It was however one of the only substantially successful convoy to berth in the Maltese Islands, thus being declared victorious.
  14. The supplies the convoy brought with it sustained the Maltese for an additional ten weeks, whilst the fuel used for locally-based fighter planes ensured the protection of ships carrying essential supplies to our islands.
  15. Today marks the 75th Anniversary since the Maltese greeted their salvation in the Grand Harbour, from famine, and surrendering to the Axis.