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Floral Design: How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Event

Flowers are all around us, but how often do we pause to appreciate the beauty that they bring to a space? Taking place on the 28th of February each year, Floral Design Day is a celebration dedicated to just that: the art and beauty of flowers and, particularly, floral design. From birthdays to weddings, flowers play a central role in the most significant milestones of our lives. Beautiful bouquets can be used to say everything from ‘I love you’ to ‘I’m sorry’, making floral design a language of its own. In fact, flowers have been used as a way of communicating for centuries – whether through painting, poetry or design! 

Through floral design, flowers and their different meanings are used to convey an array of messages. Using a creative mix of compositions, colours and shapes, floral design has become a form of creative expression. 

What is Floral Design Day all About?

Floral Design Day is all about celebrating the fantastic creativity of floral design throughout history. The holiday was established in 1995 by the governor of Massachusetts in honour of Carl Rittner, a renowned figure in floral art education who set up the Rittner School of Floral Design in 1947. Through this school, students were first taught about the six principles of floral art; balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, scale and rhythm. These factors all play an important role in choosing the right flowers for an event.

Alluring flower arrangements can capture the attention of guests at an event, but the hard work and talent that goes into creating the perfect floral designs is often overlooked! This is why, at its core, Floral Design Day is an opportunity to recognise the exceptional talent of artists working within this industry. Nowadays, this celebration helps to raise awareness of floral design as a craft, exhibited through beautiful flower displays in historical gardens, floral arrangements and handcrafted bouquets. Through this celebration, we learn to appreciate the beauty of flowers and the different meanings that they bring to our lives.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Event

Floral design has the power to shift the mood in any room and set the tone for your event. While there are standard norms of what flowers should be used for events such as weddings and funerals, most events allow lots of space for creativity to flourish. When planning an event, working with a floral design expert can help you understand what colours, styles and shapes of flowers will complement your set-up. But, where do you begin?

Setting the Tone

When it comes to choosing colours, the best place to begin is by thinking about the setting. If you’re organising a spectacular bash for your office party, then something loud and fun will be suitable. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a touch of beauty to a corporate meeting, then something more laid-back would be preferred.

Different flowers have different associations, and it’s best to speak to an expert to ensure your flowers aren’t sending the wrong message.

Apart from flower choice, you can also get creative with different colours. Choosing the right flowers for your event will mean matching the flowers to the colour scheme. For example, if your interiors and décor are based on a neutral palette, you may want to add a pop of colour or keep things simple with your floral design. If you’ve already set a colourful theme, then you should be sure to choose flowers to match!

Seasons, Availability and Budgets

Seasonality is an important factor to consider when choosing flowers for your event. Most flowers are available at different times of the year, and, while it may not be impossible to source your favourite flowers out-of-season, it definitely isn’t the cheapest way to go. To ensure availability and cost-effectiveness, opt for flowers that are in season during your event. Alternatively, if you’re keen on a certain type of flower that isn’t readily available, be sure to order them in advance to have them delivered on time.

Personal Style

Last but not least, choosing the right flowers for your event involves an element of personal flair. By working closely with your event planner, you can choose a type of flower arrangement that complements the aesthetic of your event. This can range from individual bouquets to grand centrepieces, wall flower designs and even hanging installations. The possibilities are endless, so better get planning!

Ready to discover the perfect floral designs for your event? Get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll walk you through all your options!

A Shot of Excitement: Laser Tag Team-Building

If you’re looking for a fun, out-of-the-box, team-building activity that will get all of your team members excited, look no further than laser tag!

Team building activities are designed to encourage good working relationships and boost team morale, which, in turn, results in better efficiency, teamwork and productivity. But we’ve all had those team-building days that end up with more feelings of boredom than excitement, leaving employees feeling more lacklustre than before.

To avoid having your employees call in sick on your next team-building day out, it’s important to get them excited about the activities you’ve got planned. And, although your team members all have their unique interests and hobbies, trying something new is a sure way to spark their interest!

As a team-building activity, laser tag ticks all the boxes. No wonder it’s such a popular choice for team-building activities in Malta!

Here’s why you should choose laser tag for your next team day out!

1. Laser Tag Instils a Sense of Healthy Competition

A healthy dose of competition is a good way to get teams working together. In a game of laser tag, groups will be split into different teams before they’re let loose on a realistic battlefield. The aim is to ‘shoot’ members of the opposite team down with lasers, with the last team standing being crowned winner. This engaging scenario is the perfect opportunity to get team members to focus on a common goal, building trust and confidence among the team.

2. Laser Tag Gets Teams Active

Did you know that getting active is a great way to boost your feel-good endorphins? Laser tag is a surefire way to get teams moving, as they’ll be navigating their way around the battlefield, running after each other, and dodging lasers to avoid losing the game. Not only will this cardio boost help reduce stress levels, but it will also get teams feeling happier and healthier, together!

3. It Encourages Team Collaboration

Although laser tag can be highly competitive, it also requires players to think strategically. It’s a great opportunity to get teams to recognise each other’s strengths, communicate effectively, and coordinate their actions in pursuit of their goals. These skills built outside of the office can be transferred back into the office, helping teams tackle their next project with renewed energy!

4. Laser Tag Enhances Leadership Skills

Changing team dynamics can give different employees a chance to shine. Instead of appointing managers as team leaders, employees can be divided into groups and choose their own leaders. This may help team members take ownership of their roles, and gain confidence in their leadership abilities.

5. It’s Fun!

Aside from all the skill-related benefits that laser tag can have, it’s also simply fun! As adults, it’s not often that we get to spend a day playing games, using our imagination, and breaking free from our usual routines. By dedicating time to having fun, employees can get a well-deserved break, release some tension, and create memories to last a lifetime!

Laser tag is suitable for all skill levels, and it’s the perfect way to break down barriers between employees, foster team spirit, and encourage team members to step out of their comfort zone. By combining physical activity with collaboration and strategic thinking, laser tag helps bring teams together in a way that simple ice-breakers can’t.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to bring your team closer together, consider booking laser tag for your next team-building event with MYEventPlanner.

Choose the Right Theme: MYeventplanner’s Signature Decor Packages

The theme is the first impression people will have of your event, and you want to choose one that they will truly rave about. 

Whether you’re drawn to the playful excitement of a Sports Day or the enchantment of a winter wonderland, our expert team is ready to bring your vision to life.

Masked Elegance

Imagine a night where elegance meets intrigue – that’s the vibe of our Masquerade Ball theme, and it’s ready to sweep you off your feet! Our team pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every element, from dramatic lighting to tasteful centerpieces, turns your soiree into an unforgettable affair.

Whimsical Winter

Snowflakes falling, icicles sparkling – enter our Winter Wonderland! From frosty tablescapes to twinkling lights, we bring the charm of winter indoors, creating an atmosphere that turns your celebration into a fairy tale. Winter may be chilly, but your event will be red-hot!

Let’s Get Physical

Our Sports Day Decor Package is your ticket to an event that’s all about fun, games, and a dash of friendly competition. Did we mention that we have our own custom inflatables? From giant obstacle courses to bouncy castles, it’s a surefire dose of adrenaline for the thrill seekers.

Lights, Camera, Glamour: James Bond-Inspired Elegance

Fancy adding a touch of James Bond sophistication to your event? We’ve got you! Think timeless glamour with sleek black and silver accents, chic martini bars, and lighting that sets the mood – a night that would make 007 himself nod in approval!

Make it Happen with MYeventplanner

Ready to host an event that breaks boundaries? Contact us today – and together – we’ll make sure that your next gathering is one that redefines the standard.

The Importance of Team Building Events

The age-old saying “teamwork makes the dream work” gets at the heart of how team building can boost a group’s success. It’s more than just hanging out – it’s about doing activities together that help everyone work better as a team. These activities are like practice for teamwork, making collaboration, communication, and trust stronger among team members. 

In this article, we will find out why team building matters for all organisations, whether your teams work fully remotely, hybrid, or in-person.

Friends at Work, Not Just Colleagues

Imagine work where your colleagues feel like friends. Team building events make that happen. From solving puzzles together to conquering obstacle courses, these events create bonds that go beyond the office. A team that genuinely likes each other? Now, that’s a recipe for success.

Talking and Working Together

Ever feel like communication at work could be better? Team building events fix that. Through cool exercises, people learn to talk and collaborate—no more misunderstandings or confusion – just smooth sailing towards shared goals.

Good Vibes Only

Positive company culture isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the heart of thriving organisations. Team building events foster that positivity. They make employees feel valued and motivated. A happy team isn’t just productive; it attracts top talent and keeps your best people around.

Bye-bye Burnout, Hello Motivation

Daily work grind getting to your team? Team building events are the energising break they need. Fun activities inject enthusiasm and creativity. Happy, motivated employees don’t just do their jobs; they bring fresh ideas and innovation.

Problem Solvers In Action

Great teams solve problems effortlessly. Team building activities? They’re like problem-solving boot camp. Tackling challenges together hones those skills. Your team will face real-world issues like pros, ready and confident.

Goals Aligned, Success Guaranteed

A team with shared goals is unstoppable. Team building events create a space to align everyone’s objectives. Strategic activities highlight strengths and weaknesses. Your team becomes a well-oiled machine working towards common success.

In a Nutshell: Invest in Success

Smart organisations invest in team-building events, and guess what? They cash in on the benefits – growth, innovation, and prosperity. 

Ready for something irresistibly cool for your next team building? MYeventplanner has got you! Book your event with us now and let the power of teamwork take your organisation to a whole new level! 

Last-Minute Event Planning: 6 Tips to Transform Your Event in Record Time

Organizing an event last-minute doesn’t mean compromising on excellence. These preparations can be challenging, but they’re an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Whether it’s a corporate bash, a wedding waltz, or a milestone celebration, we’re turning the pressure into a performance. Here are some expert tips to ensure your event is a roaring success, even when time is not on your side.

1. Venue Vibes: Setting the Scene

In the race against time, don’t settle for a mere space; choose a venue bursting at the seams with personality. Imagine a place that welcomes your guests with warmth. Accessibility isn’t just about getting there; it’s about the anticipation, the thrill as you approach a portal to a world of celebration.

And ambiance? Oh, let’s turn the dial up to spectacular. Think about your guests – what emotions do you want them to feel? Is it a sense of warmth, excitement, or perhaps a tranquil escape? Tailor the ambiance to evoke those emotions as they journey through the event.

2. Crafting a Culinary Feast In Style

Catering isn’t just about feeding people; it’s about creating moments. Imagine your event as a big, happy family dinner where everyone leaves with a smile and a satisfied stomach.

Ensure there’s something for everyone, from the adventurous eaters to the comfort-food enthusiasts. Vegetarian, gluten-free, or full-on carnivore – let your menu be the hero that accommodates every dietary preference. Happy tummies, happy guests!

3. Syncing Sounds

Choosing the right music is crucial. Customize the melody to create the mood you desire, turning your venue into a musical sanctuary.

The eternal debate: a live band or a DJ? Both have unique charms. A live band brings vibrant energy, captivating the crowd with raw musical talent. On the other hand, a skilled DJ smoothly mixes tracks, adjusting to your event’s changing vibe. Factor in your space, budget, and the atmosphere you want. Maybe a mix of both could offer the perfect auditory experience, combining the best of both worlds.

4. Making Visual Marvels

Select a theme that resonates with the soul of your event. Whether it’s a tropical paradise, vintage glam, or futuristic chic, let this theme dictate the color palette and design details.

Get professionals to make your decor dreams a reality. Their expertise can bring sophistication to your venue, surpassing the challenges of last-minute planning.

5. Creating a Wow Setting

Imagine the stage as a canvas waiting for a story. Use special lighting to make it enchanting, turning speakers and performers into stars. Play with colors that match the event’s mood, making the stage feel alive. Use technology wisely, making it add to the ambiance without taking over.

6. Capturing Timeless Memories

In today’s visual age, photos carry a powerful message, often louder than words. They represent your event online, generating interest and excitement for future occasions. Work with your photographer to not just capture moments but to create a gallery of memories that will stand the test of time.

Ready to Elevate Your Event? Go from Rush to Rave with MYeventplanner!

In the realm of last-minute event planning, we’re not just creating an occasion; we’re crafting a memorable experience. Harness the power of MYeventplanner’s expertise in last-minute event preparations. Our commitment to meticulous detail and flawless execution guarantees an event that surpasses expectations, etching memories that linger with every attendee. Click here to take your event to new heights with MYeventplanner. Ready, set, let the event euphoria begin!